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Individual Proficiency Award Ceremony

The Coast Guard Academy’s annual Individual Proficiency Awards Ceremony is to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our graduates. Thanks to the gracious support of our donors, the presenters, and all of the families and loved ones, we are able to publicly reaffirm and reinforce the definition of excellence. This ceremony serves as a reminder of what is important to us, what traits we truly value in our graduates, and that it is our responsibility to reward those who embody exemplary achievement.

Individual Proficiency Award Ceremony: Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Graduation: Tuesday, May 22, 2019

Advance Plan of the Day

Time Activity Location
0915 Presenters and guests arrive for check-in, escort assignment and coffee reception Henriques Room, Hamilton Hall
1015 Presenters, guests and escorts move to reserved seats on parade field Washington Parade Field
1030 Cadet Review Washington Parade Field
1110-1120 Return to Henriques Room and transition of presenters and escorts to meet awardees Henriques Room
1130 Luncheon Cadet Wardroom
1225 Presenters and awardees transition to Leamy Hall Ballroom Leamy Hall
1235 Presenters’ guests are escorted to reserved seats Leamy Hall
1240 Presenters line up for procession Leamy Hall
1300 Procession into Leamy Auditorium Leamy Hall
1400 Ceremony Complete

For more information, email LCDR Mariette Ogg.


All visitors will need to show photo identification to be granted base access. NOTE: Please inquire at the gate upon your arrival for the location of parking for presenters and guests.