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Grace Tarbrake

Beltsville, MD Major: Civil Engineering Sports: Swimming/Diving Clubs: Cadets Against Sexual Assault, Saint Francis de Sales Society
Grace Tarbrake

Attending the Academy presents the constant challenge of balancing academics, athletics, military obligations, and personal relationships. One of my most challenging, but also rewarding experiences was being the Bravo Company Guidon Bearer last fall. I was responsible for the training and development of Bravo Company fourth class cadets (4/c). My goal was to develop the 4/c as whole people - militarily, academically, physically, and personally - making sure they effectively made the transition from swab to 4/c. I was able to learn a lot about holding myself and others accountable from my experience as Guidon.

I am a Civil Engineering major at the Academy and one of the captains of the women’s swimming and diving team. My teachers, coaches and classmates are always willing to help and they make the whole experience much more enjoyable. My ultimate goal is to do civil engineering for the Coast Guard.

“There is no growth in the comfort zone.” If you are willingly to challenge yourself and constantly put yourself in new situation that are outside of your comfort zone, you will experience tremendous personal growth.