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The Government major develops leaders who think critically about political systems and understand their cultural, historical, theoretical and legal underpinnings. The degree prepares graduates to lead key domestic and international programs of the U.S. government. Graduates are particularly valuable to the Coast Guard in the areas of public policy, budget analysis, resource management and international relations and law.

  • Students have the opportunity to study Western and non-Western history and political institutions and processes.
  • Through directed studies, advanced students may individually tailor research opportunities with a faculty mentor.
  • Opportunities such as the Mock Trial and United Nations Teams enhance and reinforce the knowledge and skills the government course of study develops.

Areas of Concentration

The Government major is a multidisciplinary program, blending political science, history, ethics, world languages, literature, and law. Students majoring in Government can choose from three concentrations:

  • Politics, Policy and Law
  • International Relations
  • Security Studies


Government majors have access to exceptional resources, including our “SIPRnet classroom,” which enables instructors to incorporate classified information into teaching; an advanced foreign language lab; and an ongoing series of guest speakers that have included: Justices of the Supreme Court, U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives, the Director of the FBI, several Directors of National Intelligence, the Secretary of Homeland Security, and other distinguished officials.

Facts and Figures
20-30 Government Major SVGPercent of cadets that choose the Government major
100 Research SVGPercent of Government majors who undertake their own original academic research
100 Field Trip SVGPercent of Government majors who participate in co-curricular field trips, internships, or competitions
0 Govt Options SVGNumber of first assignment options closed to Government majors

Contact Information

CAPT Russ Bowman, JD, Ph.D.Chief, Government Section(860) 444-8381[email protected]