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Unlike applications to other U.S. service academies, admission to the Coast Guard Academy is driven strictly by merit. Congressional nominations are not required or considered, so we are free to choose the absolute best applicants for our service.

And unlike traditional colleges, as part of your Coast Guard application, you'll be required to complete both a Physical Fitness Exam as well as a thorough Medical Exam.

Admissions Resources Getting Started

Request Information
You'll first want to create a login for your personalized student portal, the Bears Den, which will facilitate communication and access to information about the Academy experience.

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Check your Eligibility to Apply
An eligible applicant to the Academy is:
• A U.S. citizen or sponsored international, of sound moral character
• Unmarried with no dependents or financial debt
• A high school graduate, 17-22 years of age
• An individual who submitted standardized test scores taken without special accommodations

Schedule a Visit
To make an informed decision as to whether this is the right college experience for you, plan to visit the Coast Guard Academy in person.

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Contact Your Admissions Officer
Each member of our staff has unique experience as a member of the Coast Guard. Your Admissions Officer will help you put your best foot forward in the selection process.

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Try Us Out
Consider applying for the Academy Introduction Mission (AIM), a weeklong “test drive” of the Academy experience the summer before your senior year of high school.

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Application to the Coast Guard Academy is free and online.

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