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Get Set

The AIM Handbook contains the information you need to prepare for AIM. Please read and follow these instructions carefully.

Tuition and Refunds

Tuition, room and board: $600. This covers supplies, equipment, uniform shirts and shorts.
Spending money: $25-$50 recommended for snacks and souvenirs.
Refunds may be requested until close of business on Friday of the first full week of June.

Session Selection and Payment

Session registration is first-come, first-served and due by Monday, June 14th.

  • Access the AIM acceptance letter in your Bears Den account and select the “Application” link, then view the AIM decision.
  • Follow the instructions in the AIM decision letter to complete your AIM enrollment and payment.

Payment is due by June 12.


This travel form is only required if you have made any modifications or updates to your initial travel plans when you enrolled.

AIM Travel Form

Medical Information

Any injuries within six months prior to AIM will disqualify a student from attending the program.

Medical History and Clearance


Students with financial need are invited to request a scholarship for tuition, travel, or both. To apply for a scholarship, submit the Scholarship Request form below in addition to answering the following question in 300 words or less: “Why are you a good candidate to receive this scholarship, what special attribute or accomplishment sets you apart?”

AIM Scholarship Request

Requests are due by 1 June and notifications will be made by 7 June.

"From sailing on the Thames River, doing the Physical Fitness Exam, marching around the campus, and all the engineering and FIT classes, AIM was a week I will not forget. The cadre were very encouraging, making sure that we always were striving to do our best and would help us improve when we slipped up." Lucy

AIM Handbook

The handbook contains the information you need to prepare for AIM.

More Information


Use these guidelines to arrive physically fit and hydrated.

More Information


At the conclusion of each AIM week, families are invited to a special session where they will learn about the past week’s programming and celebrate their students’ graduation from the program.

Contact Information

CDR Hoon Park860-701-6395[email protected]
LT Brittany Martineau860-701-6336[email protected]