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Greg Costello

Ellicott City, Maryland - Class of 2022 Major: Marine and Environmental Sciences
Greg Costello


Hey everyone! My name is Greg Costello from Ellicott City, Maryland. I'm a member of the cross country and track teams and I enjoy running, reading a good book, and watching movies. Some of my favorite movies include Saving Private Ryan, Dead Poets Society, and Horrible Bosses. My intended major is MES because I love all things marine biology and the ocean, except for seafood.

Growing up in a family with a strong military background really pushed me toward joining the armed services and led me to where I am today. My Grandpa, Admiral Jack Costello '52, and my father, Lieutenant Colonel Sean Costello showed me what it means to serve your country and I am very proud to follow in their footsteps. The challenges presented at the Academy are truly unrelenting, but the Corps of Cadets is one big family where everyone is looking out for each other. They say that in the Coast Guard "we take care of our people" and that is no different at the Academy. I'm looking forward to becoming a better leader and eventually a commissioned officer where I can make a real difference. Don't hesitate to email me with any questions you have!

[email protected]