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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can I start ordering commencement tickets?
A: Commencement ceremony tickets will be sent via email through University Tickets. Cadets and guests will need to register each individual in their party. Invitations will be emailed by mid-April.

If you have any questions please contact the Academy's Commencement Office at (860) 701-6728 or email Ms. Gustavson or Ms. Paula Springer.

Q: How many tickets to graduation are we limited to?
A: Indoor ceremony (in case of very bad weather): Two (2) in Leamy Auditorium (all others may comfortably view the ceremony from elsewhere on campus on closed-circuit video.)

Please note: If a relative is presenting the commission to the cadet, that seat must be counted as one of the indoor tickets. This is because seating is very limited in the auditorium for such a large event.

Outdoor ceremony: Historically, fifteen (15) guests at a maximum can be seated in the stadium. This is subject to change until the number is confirmed.

Q: Are we limited in the number of event tickets as well?
A: All ticketed events (Commencement Ball, Gradfest picnic, and Award Day luncheon) are unlimited but tickets must be purchased online in advance.

Please note: The ball tickets must be purchased by the deadline.

Q: Where do I park on the day of the Awards Ceremony?
A: Parking for visitors on Tuesday, May 19th will be at the Connecticut College, South lot. Complimentary shuttle services will be provided from here to the Academy from 7:30am-5:00pm, but this parking area is also within reasonable walking distance to the Academy. Busses are handicap accessible.

Q: Where do I park on the day of Commencement?
A: Visitors attending graduation will receive a parking pass in mid-May (with detailed instructions and address) for access to a reserved location near the Academy. Please note that each satellite parking location has an assigned pass; guests should proceed to the area that is clearly displayed on the parking pass which accompanies the commencement tickets. Complimentary shuttle services will be provided from those satellite locations to the Academy. Busses are handicap accessible.

Q: When do we get all the tickets, parking passes, etc.?
A: No items will be mailed out. For Commencement only, tickets, parking information, transportation logistics, security procedures, and other pertinent information will be emailed via University Tickets in a separate correspondence package in mid-May. All guests will be required to print their individual tickets and parking passes, or have them readily displayed on their mobile devices before gaining entry into the Academy.

Q: We will be making plane reservations. When is the ceremony usually over?
A: Much of that depends on the speaker; however, the ceremony typically runs about two and one-half hours.

Q: What happens after the ceremony?
A: After the hat toss and the faculty departs from the field, ensigns gather with parents and families at the hat tables where the new ensigns pick up their ensign covers (hats) and shoulder boards. Ensigns generally ask a close family member (or someone with whom they have a special relationship) to attach their shoulder boards to their uniform. This is a very good photo opportunity!

Once that is done, the ensigns must check out in Chase Hall, gather what’s left of their belongings hopefully this would have been mostly accomplished during grad week), and leave. There will be a certain time by which they will be required to be out of the barracks. They will find this out as it gets closer to grad week. This may take as long as another two hours, depending on how organized the new ensign is.

Q: If guests cannot get around well on the hills at the Academy, will there be transportation on campus?
A: On Commencement Day and Awards Day, there will be golf carts available for those who cannot negotiate the hills and every accommodation will be made for the comfort and convenience of our guests at graduation. Also available will be wheelchair accessible transportation.

Q: For the ceremony, will there be handicapped seating indoors as well as outside?
A: There is special seating for the physically disabled both indoors and outside. For those with indoor tickets, seating will be in the auditorium and there are areas available for wheelchairs if needed. Those without indoor tickets will be located elsewhere on campus with other guests where they can all watch the ceremony on closed-circuit video. Outdoor seating for the disabled will be at ground level for easy access.

Q: Does my physically disabled guest have to sit or can the family join him or her?
A: Guests seated in the handicapped area are permitted to have one family member with them.

Q: How can we let the Academy know if there are guests with special needs?
A: For the ceremony, your cadet will include it on the list when he/she signs up for ceremony tickets. That will also be the time when the need for wheelchair accommodation will be noted.

For the rest of the week’s events, when you purchase your tickets, you can note it online in the “Message to Coordinator” block about dietary restrictions or other challenges and we will do whatever we can to assist.

Q: How much should I expect to spend on grad week events?
A: This does not include lodging, transportation, or other personal expenses. These numbers should be used to approximate how much grad week costs may be. These are NOT final prices and are ALL subject to change.

  • Picnic: $10 per adult/cadet, $5 per child
  • Golf Tournament: $85 per person
  • Commencement Ball: $60 per person
  • Luncheon: $18 per person, $10 per child, cadets are free
  • Class Wine: $25 per bottle