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Evan Twarog

Keene, New Hampshire - Class of 2019 Major: Electrical Engineering
Evan Twarog

Evan Twarog has always been intrigued by engineering's role in shaping the future. Seeing specifically how electrical engineering impacts space travel, clean energy, artificial intelligence and more, he knew that EE was helping to create a bright future of which he wanted to be a part.

On the rigor of EE

"Electrical Engineering is tough. That’s part of the reason why I’ve enjoyed it so much. A lot of the concepts we talk about are difficult to visualize mentally, so it forces you to think in ways you never have before."

On the breadth of the field

"I never realized how broad the field of electrical engineering is. Image processing, data analytics, digital signal processing, control theory, remote sensing – these are all aspects to the major that I’d never even heard of. As the field has grown, it’s only become that much more exciting to study."

On real-world learning

"I conducted an independent research project on how crisis-mapping can be used to improve Coast Guard disaster response. During Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, this research came to life when we “activated” a crisis-mapping response. Between the two storms, these efforts helped to collect information from social media on around 6,000 people in need of rescue. A school project grew to where it was used to save lives and now might lead to change across the Coast Guard. That was one of the most exciting moments of my life."

On EE's future impact

"If you want to change the world, take a long, hard look at electrical engineering. This isn’t to say other engineering fields aren't high-impact or worthwhile studying. The reality is that in the 21st century, everyone is an electrical engineer. Why not start building that knowledge now?"