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Ernesto Muniz-Samalot

San Juan, Puerto Rico Major: Cyber Systems Clubs: Cadet Cyber Team, Compañeros, and Aviation Club
Ernesto Muniz-Samalot

I felt I was able to take on the challenge to become a Coast Guard officer and receive an education from the Coast Guard Academy. I did not think twice about saying “yes.”

Although I have grown up with a military lifestyle, I had to adapt to a new environment here in New London, CT. I credit prep school and Swab Summer with helping me adjust. Being forced to work in a team setting to overcome the rigor of the summer really exposed me to learn who my shipmates were, as well as who I was. I was able to make relationships with my shipmates to better prepare myself for the rigorous academic and military year at the Academy.

One club I participate in at the Academy is the Compañeros affinity group. This club serves to allow all cadets, civilians, and military personnel to participate in activities and discussions centered around the Coast Guard’s Hispanic service members. Moreover, it offers an opportunity to learn more about participating in the Association of Naval Services Officers (ANSO) once a commissioned officer.

My ultimate goal in the Coast Guard is to work in mission support under Cyberspace Operations. The Cyber Systems major’s mission is to prepare cadets to become cyber officers in the Coast Guard. I decided to choose this major because I want to serve in a field of work that is rapidly growing and requiring trained professionals to execute its missions. What I love about the Cyber Systems major is the availability of course offerings to cadets.

While it may not be easy, set goals for yourself and always work hard to achieve them. On top of that, trust the path to achieve your goals. This path may not always be the most direct, but it will make you a better person as you work to achieve your goal. And once your achieve a goal, set another goal. Don’t stop just because you accomplished something; rather use the skills you developed to achieve the next goal.