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Elliot Lee

Tacoma, Washington
Elliot Lee


My name is Elliot Lee, and I will be a senior at Bellarmine Preparatory School in Tacoma, Washington. I lead and participate in the Boy Scouts. I am also a varsity lacrosse player. I started lacrosse my freshman year and eventually landed a starting spot my sophomore year. I am currently the main faceoff middie for my team. Both activities have impacted me—the Boy Scouts helped me develop leadership experience while lacrosse built my confidence.

Though I have only been on this Earth for a short time, I have learned valuable lessons that allow me to maintain myself under pressure. This is all thanks to the extracurriculars that I participate in.

After high school, I am hoping to become an electrical engineer at the United States Coast Guard Academy. This was influenced by my participation in a project observing the mutation rates in E. coli in space compared to Earth. It gave me insight into the different engineering fields used in real life. I was most passionate about electrical engineering.

I heard rumors of how tough the AIM experience is. I want to prove that I am mentally and physically capable and show the Academy that I am a candidate worth considering.

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