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Liz Feldmann-DeMello

Falmouth, MA - Class of 2022 Major: Cyber Systems
Liz Feldmann-DeMello


My name is Elizabeth Feldmann-DeMello and I am a 4/c at the Academy this year. I am a Cyber System major, but right now I am only taking core curriculum classes instead of major-specific classes. As for sports, I am a walk-on diver and I joined the CrossFit club. What’s great about the Academy is that you can have absolutely no experience but have great enthusiasm for a sport and still be able to join. I used to be on the swim team and I have never tried diving before. In terms of other clubs, I probably joined way too many clubs to be realistic, however, it is easy to find many different things to be passionate about.

The hardest aspect of the Academy that I’ve had to deal with is organization and time management. I consider myself to be quite organized and on top of my work, however, there were some days where I found myself stressed to the max and scrambling to find assignments and get them done in time for class. Going into my third week I started to finally get into the groove of things and began to find a regular schedule for myself. I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of my 4/c year goes as well as the rest of my Coast Guard career.

I have made many strong bonds at the Academy. It is one of the reasons I looked forward to going here. The bonds I have established are like none other made in other settings. You are thrown into high-stress situations, which force you to work with your shipmates and really rely on them to have your back.

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