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Erin Edwards

Port Angeles, WA - Class of 2022 Major: Operations Research & Computer Analysis
Erin Edwards


Hey friends! My name is Erin Edwards, and I grew up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

I am studying Operations Research & Computer Analysis and am on the Triathlon and Water polo teams. I spend most of my time however, with Officer's Christian Fellowship (OCF), a group of Christians who love to worship our Heavenly Father and share in the joy of fellowship!

We have so many awesome opportunities here at the Coast Guard Academy and I have learned a lot through the ups and downs of cadet life. I started a YouTube channel highlighting some of these areas and sharing my journey. My goal with these videos is to provide encouragement and insight on life as a female Christian in the Coast Guard.

If you have questions about my videos, lplease feel free to contact me at [email protected].

God bless!

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