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Information for Educators

As a secondary school educator, you have the privilege of guiding your students in their college selections. For your highest achieving students in math and science, the United States Coast Guard Academy presents an unrivaled opportunity to attend an elite professional college that is tuition-free and guarantees a position of leadership upon graduation.

We Value Your Judgement

As an educator, you know how to recognize top talent. Do you have students with the highest level of academic preparation, sharp mental focus, who are physically fit and willing to lead? Suggest the Coast Guard Academy as an excellent collegiate opportunity.

  • 3.75/4.00 GPA
  • 670 M/650 ERW
  • 29 ACTs

Educator and Influencer Summit

The Academy welcomes your visit. We even have a Campus Visit Program for Educators that introduces high school guidance counselors and others in advisory roles to the Academy experience. The cost of lodging, travel, and most meals is covered. To find out more, please contact our Campus Program Coordinator at 860-444-8503.

March 21-22, 2022 (format to be announced) - REGISTRATION COMING SOON

Let Our Cadets Explain

You know young people value the opinions of their peers. Point your top students to Cadet Blogs, where current Coast Guard cadets share their own experiences at the Academy.

Cadet Blogs

AIM Summer Experience

Refer your top juniors to the 2022 Academy Introduction Mission, AIM, for six non-stop days of the most realistic military service academy experience - this July! Applications are due by April 15th.


Meet us on the Road

The Academy hosts admission workshops throughout the United States in the fall and spring, often at Coast Guard units. Meet cadets and cadet parents. Meet junior officers who are protecting us, the environment, and our economy every day. You can even tour a Coast Guard unit. Registration required.

USCGA Workshops Joint Academy Workshops

Educator Newsletters

Download Fall 2021 Newsletter Download Spring 2022 Newsletter

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To join the Newsletter mailing list, or request information, please provide your name, organization, mailing address, email and work phone number to:

Stefanie Senkow
Communication Specialist
[email protected]

Facts and FiguresUnited States Coast Guard Academy
1,068 people SVGcadets enrolled at the Academy
7:1 ratio SVGStudent-to-faculty ratio
100%  SVGjob placement. Graduates are obligated to serve for five years and 85% stay longer!
80% Family SVGof active duty graduates go on to grad school (paid for by the Coast Guard).

Contact Information

Educator NetworkSusan BibeauAssociate Director of Admissions for Marketing[email protected](860) 287-5047
Cadet SelectionChris McMunnAssociate Director of Admissions for Operations[email protected](860) 701-6778