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Eclipse 2021 | April 8-10

Stronger together: Building Bridges through a Culture of Respect

Eclipse is a near fifty year old tradition of great significance to the Coast Guard and to the Academy. The purpose of Eclipse is to foster an inclusive environment by stimulating a community dialog that promotes a culture of respect. Eclipse is designed to equip leaders with tools to lead in a diverse workforce. Sessions embrace identity related topics encompassing race, gender, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation.

This event will be in a hybrid platform to assure alignment with Covid-19 protocols and CGA safety measures.


Congratulations to the Eclipse 2021 Awardees:

  • The Manson K. Brown Genesis Award: LTJG Jacob Brown
  • The Merle Smith Pioneer Award: LTJG Karida Harris
  • The JoAnn Miller Community Award: Mrs. Yolanda Jarmon-Williams
  • The Frances Neal Humanitarian Award: Mr. Alex Eames
  • The Joseph M. Vojvodich Award: CDR Hoon Park
  • The Dr. Hallie Gregory Award: LCDR Michelle Foster

Eclipse Awards

The Manson K. Brown Genesis Award is given to a Coast Guard Academy cadet or Alumnnus whose forethought and commitment has fostered a community of inclusion by establishing traditions and practices which promote comprehension of and appreciation for diversity. Steadfast in the pursuit to create an inclusive space for underrepresented minority cadets while also enlightening their peers, this motivated leader has made sustainable contributions to the Corps of Cadets in an effort to promote an environment free from bias and discrimination.

Past Recipients:

  • 2020: 1/C Edward Walker
  • 2019: Equity Task Force Co-Chairs (Professor Jillian McLeod, Ms. Richelle L. Johnson, Ms. Ellyn Metcalf)
  • 2018: 1/c Alyse Westbrooks
  • 2017: LT Dan Han
  • 2016: LCDR Hoon Park
  • 2015: LCDR Marcus Canady
  • 2014: 1/c Andre Jones-Butler
  • 2013: Dr. Hallie Gregory
  • 2012: VADM Manson K. Brown

The Merle Smith Pioneer Award is given to a member of the Coast Guard Academy community who has accomplished groundbreaking firsts at the Academy. This person has served as a beacon of inspiration among their peers to strive for the unimaginable and forge new paths of greatness through an exceptional determination to succeed.

This award is a marker of the honor and courage required to lead, chart unfamiliar territory and reach heightened levels of achievement in the face of adversity and uncertainty.

Past recipients:

  • 2020: CDR Carrie Wolfe
  • 2019: Dr. Sharon Zelmanowitz
  • 2018: ADM Paul Zukunft
  • 2017: Dr. Janet McLeavy
  • 2016: LT Kimberly Young-McLear
  • 2015: RADM Sandra Stosz
  • 2014: CDR Darell Singleterry
  • 2013: CAPT Steve Baynes
  • 2012: Mr. Merle Smith

The JoAnn Miller Community Award is given to a member of the Academy or greater New London community who has worked as an active liaison between the Academy and the City of New London, building a bridge between the two entities. The efforts of this recipient have made significant, lasting contributions to the Academy, the cadets, and the New London community.

Past recipients:

  • 2020: Ms. Jean Jordan
  • 2019: HON Mayor Michael Passero
  • 2018: Chef Michael Cummings
  • 2017: State Representative Chris Soto
  • 2016: LT Takana Skelton
  • 2015: Dr. Robert Newton
  • 2014: CDR Erica Mohr
  • 2013: Mr. Louis Allen
  • 2012: Ms. JoAnn Miller

The Frances Neal Humanitarian Award is bestowed upon a cadet, alumni, staff, or faculty member who goes above and beyond to provide support for cadets and the entire Academy through facilitation of an environment rich in community and comfort.

This pivotal figure demonstrates an incessant passion for the well-being of cadets and instinctively strives to empower cadets mentally, emotionally, and/or academically.

The actions of this award recipient transform the Academy into an inclusive community where all cadets can grow, be nurtured, supported, mentored and challenged to be dynamic leaders of character.

Past recipients:

  • 2020: Ms. Catherine Griffin
  • 2019: Dr. Katherine Krystinik
  • 2018: The CGA Library Staff (Ms. Lucy Maziar -Director, and Rebecca Harris-Pierce, Joan Clark, Pamela Graham, Elisa Graydon, Janet Whitty, Pauline Lamarre, Roxanne Korpal-Grosvenor, and Katherine Mellark)
  • 2017: CDR Mark Harris (ret)
  • 2016: Mr. Dan Pinch
  • 2015: LT Claire Davenport
  • 2014: LCDR Royce James
  • 2013: Ms. Erin Mitchell
  • 2012: Ms. Frances Neal

The Joseph M. Vojvodich Award is given to a Coast Guard member who has fostered a community of inclusion by providing mentorship from the Coast Guard field to historically underrepresented cadets at USCGA. This inspirational leader shows evidence of sustained commitment to mentoring that resulted in career development of three or more mentees and has supported the growth of each mentee's academic career as well as providing opportunities to experience operational Coast Guard events that move mentees toward establishing independence in their Coast Guard career. This recipient helps mentees to develop and sustain a network of professional colleagues who can offer advice, training, and help. The mentoring efforts of this individual led directly to attracting and retaining a diverse Coast Guard workforce, dedication of service to the Academy, and have helped foster an inclusive environment for all to appreciate.

Past recipients:

  • 2020: CGAS Leadership Team (Mr. Chris McMunn, LT Tim Kessell, LT Marvi Rivera, YNC Jennifer Rosen, YNC Deborah Hamilton)
  • 2019: LCDR Celina H. Ladyga
  • 2018: LT Christine Igisomar
  • 2017: RADM Joseph M. Vojvodich

The Dr. Hallie Gregory Award is given to any member of the greater Coast Guard community who has excelled in actively demonstrating and promoting the unifying Core Value of Respect. They are identified as a distinguished, unifying catalyst who best exemplifies the Coast Guard tenets of teambuilding, teamwork, honesty, fairness, dignity, civility, and respect. Exceeding what is exected, she or he creates a thriving environment of compassion, value, and opportunity for all that is clearly based on mutual respect.

Past recipients:

  • 2020: Ms. Shannon Norenberg
  • 2019: Mathematics Learning Center Team (Mr. Timothy Fill, Ms. Susan Fuller, Mr. John Lehet, Ms. Julie Shetterly)
  • 2018: Dr. Gregory's family

Past Eclipse Themes

  • 2020: Foundation for a More Inclusive CG: Developing Equity-Minded Leaders of Character
  • 2019: Thrive to Excel, Foster Unity, and Instill Respect
  • 2018: Embracing a Community of Respect
  • 2017: Character: Who You Are When No One is Looking
  • 2016: Mirroring Positive, Change, Starting from Within
  • 2015: Strength in Diversity...Empowerment Through Inclusion
  • 2014: Understanding the Past, Reinventing the Future
  • 2013: Check the Compass...Chart the Course
  • 2012: Openness. Inclusion. Change
  • 2011: Reconceptualizing Leadership Through a Diversity Lens
  • 2010: Our Legacy Starts Now

Contact Information

Ms. Katy Robbins(860) 444-8287[email protected]