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2018 Eclipse: Embracing a Community of Respect

Eclipse: April 4 - 7, 2018

This year Eclipse 2018 at the USCG Academy will host a brand new format! Activities begin Wednesday, April 4th with Take Back the Night. Thursday, April 5th, features the Dining In. On Friday April 6, 2018 instead of traditional classes, we will offer several exciting new Keynotes and variety of thought provoking as well as interactive workshops and seminars. The learning outcomes you will acquire from this inclusive event include:

  • Defining culturally inclusive leadership in a military setting
  • Best inclusive classroom practices
  • Community engagement
  • Best practices for mentoring in a diverse workforce
  • Lending support to a cadet affinity council charter
  • Techniques on how to have difficult conversations about race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and gender

To complement our theme, Embracing a Community of Respect, on Friday there will be four, one hour concurrent sessions. The day will open with keynote speaker VADM Brown and will conclude with traditional popular events like APAC’s Networking Dinner and the Cadet Talent Show. Saturday’s events are anchored on professional development, mentoring, and a visit from the travelling museum exhibit Take Our Stand: The Evolution of Jim Crow and the Modern Military. The day’s events will be wrapped up with our Eclipse Awards Dinner which will emphasize Unity and Respect. Our closing keynote speaker is our Commandant, Admiral Zukunft. The dinner will include a special tribute to the late Dr. Hallie Gregory, who helped found the Genesis Council, served as a professor and coach and as the Assistant Director of Athletics from 1971-1989 . For more information on Dr. Gregory’s legacy and to share a memory in a digital memory book, please see the Alumni Bulletin article below.

Cadets, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members: Plan your schedule now so you don’t miss out!

Download Leaving a Living Legacy: Alumni Encouraged to Share Their Memories of Dr. Hallie Gregory in New Digital Memory Book
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Download Eclipse Awards

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Contact Information

Ms. Richelle Johnnson(860)