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Tall Ship Eagle


The 295-foot Barque Eagle is the flagship of the U.S. Coast Guard. She serves as a training vessel for cadets at the Coast Guard Academy and candidates from the Officer Candidate School. The Eagle is the only active-duty sailing vessel in America's military, and one of only two commissioned sailing vessels, along with the USS Constitution.

Training on Eagle

The primary mission of the Eagle is training. Every cadet who attends the Coast Guard Academy will spend a minimum of six weeks on board Eagle. In addition to learning the nautical traditions of their profession, cadets learn basic seamanship and navigation skills as well as important team-building and leadership skills.

Why Sail-Training?

So, why train Coast Guard cadets on a tall ship when most will spend their careers on state-of-the-art ships and aircraft? Because the ways of old still have much to teach. The conditions and situations that you face under sail can’t be replicated either in a classroom or aboard today's modern ships.

On board Eagle, cadets find themselves suddenly out of their element. Totally dependent on wind, waves and currents, they quickly learn how these forces of nature affect a vessel. They become skilled in ship-handling, decision-making and meeting unexpected challenges. They learn the importance of crew members working together to handle the ship safely.

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Since 1946 every new cadet undergoing officer training has begun his or her career by learning to sail on Eagle – the traditional way.

Tall Ship Eagle Featured Events
Wednesday, March 28
Little Creek, VA
Officer Candidate training begins
Sunday, April 8
Portsmouth, VA
Officer Candidate training ends
Monday-Wednesday, 7-9 May
Newport, RI
Port Call
Wednesday-Friday, 9-12 May
New London, CT
Cadet summer training begins
Friday-Monday, 17-20 August
New London, CT
Cadet summer training ends
Sunday, 23 September
Baltimore, MD
Officer Candidate training begins
Sunday, 7 October
Baltimore, MD
Officer Candidate training ends
Monday, 8 October
Coast Guard Yard
Yard period begins