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Dante Roberts

Las Vegas, NE - Class of 2020 Major: Marine Environmental Sciences
Dante Roberts


Hello! My name is Dante Roberts and my hometown is Las Vegas, Nevada. I am one of the few cadets from Nevada that you’ll meet here. Back in high school, I was a captain of the outdoor track and field team. Now, you’ll find me at the track where I compete in shot put and weight throw during the indoor season and shot put, discus, and hammer throw during the outdoor season. I am also actively involved with Aviation Club, Genesis Council, and Cadets Against Sexual Assault (CASA).

I first learned about the Coast Guard Academy when I came in July 2015 for the AIM program and then Genesis in November 2015 when I received my appointment from Rear Admiral Rendon. Fast forward a year, a joined the Class of 2020 for 2016 Swab Summer. Fourth class year flew by and I am currently a 3/c cadet. I am coming off the best summer of my life, having spent 11 weeks on USCGC Eagle and USCGC Sherman. These cutters took me to Bermuda, Florida, and Virginia (on USCGC Eagle)and Hawaii, Alaska, and the Arctic, yes the Arctic, (on USCGC Sherman). I experienced two weeks of 24 hours a day of sunlight. I am a MES major and have enjoyed every part of it. Go MES!

My twin brother from Georgia Military College is finally at USCGA, too.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] and I’ll respond as fast as I can. Go Bears!