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Deborah King

Colorado Springs, CO - Class of 2019 Major: Marine and Environmental Sciences
Deborah King


Hi, my name is Deborah King from beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. A little bit about me: I love hiking, trail running, and travelling. Coming from a very landlocked state, everything here is a new experience. However, I’m happy to be here. I’ve just joined the offshore sailing team, which has been really fun. Other interests include reading, watching movies, and sketching. I also love puns and telling jokes. I make it a point to have a new joke for every day that I am at the Academy.

Growing up near the Air Force Academy, I saw the unique lifestyle of cadets and decided I wanted to do that. During my junior year as I began to look at colleges, I realized that the Coast Guard Academy was the best fit for me. Right now at the beginning of 4/c year, I am excited for new adventures and can’t wait to share them.