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Academic Departments of the Coast Guard Academy

Academic resources are organized as five departments under the supervision of the Dean of Academics. The sixth Department, Health and Physical Education, is led by the Director of Athletics and delivers some general education courses.

The primary duty of faculty is cadet instruction and advising. Most faculty members contribute outside of the classroom as club advisors, assistant coaches, and academic administrators. As a result, faculty are all highly accessible to cadets.

Engineering Department

Providing nationally recognized, high-quality, ABET-accredited engineering education with an emphasis on leadership development and innovation.

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Humanities Department

Providing an essential liberal arts foundation, home of Government majors.

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Management Department

Providing a high quality business education for future stewards of our nations resources.

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Mathematics Department

Using analytical methods to solve problems and improve decision making, home of Operational Research and Computer Analysis majors.

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Science Department

Delivering the scientific core that prepares future officers, home of Marine Environmental Science majors.

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