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From the Deck Plates

Cadet Devin Cheifetz

Former E-3 Seaman, Portsmouth, NH Major: Government
David Cheifetz

The first time I applied to the Coast Guard Academy, I was not accepted, so I decided to enlist in 2015. I was an E-3 seaman aboard Coast Guard Cutter TAHOMA out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The second time I applied to the Academy, I got accepted to the prep school program and attended Georgia Military College before reporting in.

The educational opportunities and the world experience are what initially drew me to the Academy. I wanted to be held to a higher standard; I didn’t want just a typical college experience. I came into the Academy with an open mind, although I was a little concerned about the academic rigors. To this day, I welcome those academic challenges.

Here at the Academy, I’m part of a big family. You can see this family dynamic through your classmates, recent graduates and alumni. They all care so much about this institution and show their unwavering support. It’s a great thing to be a part of.

Cadet Jasmine Rodriguez

Former SN, Aids to Navigation Team Humboldt, CA Major: Marine and Environmental Science
Jasmine Rodriguez

“Before enlisting, I applied three times to the Academy. I then enlisted after the third rejection and tried again, after which I was picked up for the Scholars Program and sent to prep school for a year. My journey to becoming a cadet spans five years and four applications!

I decided to look at the Academy because I wanted to further my education and make a difference in the Coast Guard through an officer career.

My biggest concern about attending the Academy was going from an individual lifestyle to the regimented structure of cadet life.

When I finally arrived I quickly fell in love with the staff, the campus and its facilities, and the cadets working hard to earn their stripes and commissions. I found that the Academy is a tight-knit family united under the common goal of not only commissioning, but training all cadets to become assertive, efficient leaders for the future Coast Guard.”