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Dianne Shaira Basuel

South Cotabato, Philippines Major: Management Sports: IC Badminton Clubs: International Council, Compañeros, Genesis, APAC, Yoga Club, Tribal Council
Dianne Shaira Basuel

I was terrified but very excited to move from the Philippines to New London, CT! Terrified to study in a completely different environment, yet excited because of this once -in-a-lifetime opportunity. The biggest obstacle I overcame was my lack of confidence in communicating and the anxiety that people will not understand me. But the moment I stepped out of my shell and tried to make friends with my fellow cadets, I gained confidence and continued to improve my English skills. I made a lot of friends and everything followed positively. I felt that I was not alone because I had someone to talk to, and I think I improved a lot from when I was a fourth class cadet.

I am the Tide Rips division head. I oversee the group in charge of giving life to every yearbook page and putting all our memories in one book. The Tide Rips division focuses on layouts, templates, and formats of the book, compiling photos of cadets from different clubs, sports, and events to create a fun and unforgettable memoir for everyone. To put a smile on cadets’ and alumni’s faces when they see images from the pages as they reminisce about their journey at the Academy is a rewarding feeling. This role helped me realize the kind of leader that I am and helped me build my leadership framework.

After graduation, I will begin as a junior officer in the Philippine Coast Guard and will use the knowledge and skills that I have polished in the past four years to serve my country. To actively contribute to the implementation of process improvement that will help the system of operations in the Philippine Coast Guard is something that I look forward to. Also, I would like to participate in continuing my education on different aspects and the disciplines of leadership and management development that can hopefully provide me with more opportunities and allow me to expand and capitalize on my knowledge, experience, and skills.