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Cheyenne Waters

Bella Vista, Arkansas
Cheyenne Waters


Hi, my name is Cheyenne Waters. I am a senior at Bentonville West High School in Arkansas. Since 9th grade, I have been involved in Civil Air Patrol. Through Civil Air Patrol, I have learned First Aid and Search and Recuse. Last year, I was able to be the Cadet Commander of my squadron, which was a challenging but rewarding leadership experience. I also was on a swim club last year and enjoy running.

Since I was seven, I have wanted to be a marine biologist. I love everything to do with the ocean (especially sharks!!!). I have always liked the idea of going into the military. My dad is a big inspiration as he served in both the Army and the Air Force. I would like to go to the Coast Guard Academy because of the Marine Science program and simply the challenge that an Academy offers. I am excited to attend the AIM program this summer to learn all about the Coast Guard and meet new friends form across the country.