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Community Service

Community service is an important part of every cadet’s experience. Yearly, each cadet contributes at least 12 hours to help schools and non-profit organizations in southeastern Connecticut. Many cadets contribute more because of the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives and futures of others.

Cadets choose how they contribute their time and talent: from home construction, to youth athletic programs, to soup kitchen service. Many opportunities are available throughout the year.

Request Cadet Support

If you would like to request support from the Corps of Cadets, please submit the form below. You will be contacted promptly by a representative of the Commandant of Cadets staff.

Community Service Request
Community ServiceFacts and Figures
20,000 service hours SVGAverage total annual service hours per year
1500 school service hours SVGAverage total annual service hours to schools
85 organizations SVGThe number of organizations cadets help

Contact Information

Community Service
Christy RoseCommandant of Cadets Executive Assistant(860) 444-8280[email protected]