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Cody Bain

Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania - Class of 2018 Major: Electrical Engineering
Cody Bain

Cody Bain chose to study Electrical Engineering because he realized technology's critical role in today's society. The idea of being on the forefront of new technologies and discoveries excited Cody, and he saw EE as a way to engage in a fascinating future.

On real-world applications

"What is most interesting about studying EE is how you begin to see real-world connections on topics discussed in class. From how your phone processes signals relayed from satellites, to the electronic control systems implemented in your car, the connections truly are everywhere."

On the academic challenge

"The EE program has challenged me beyond what I could have ever imagined. After Calculus I in high school, I figured I knew everything math had to offer. Boy was I wrong! EE has introduced me to a whole new world of mathematics, and seeing those applications in the real world is very exciting."

On an attentive faculty

"The Electrical Engineering faculty are amazing. Countless times I’ve gotten tripped up on a homework problem, lab or project, and the teachers are always more than willing to help. Given the small size of our major, more often than not it's one-on-one attention."

On an EE career ahead

"What’s exciting about electrical engineering currently is how explosive of an industry it is. All around us is electrical engineering. When you consider how dependent systems are on technology, it is a field where there are no limits after graduation."