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Cheyenne Waters

Bella Vista, AR - Class of 2024 Major: Marine and Environmental Sciences
Cheyenne Waters


Hi everyone! My name is Cheyenne Waters. I am from all over the place. Air force brat! I have lived in Mississippi, Turkey, Japan, Colorado, Hawaii, Virginia, and Arkansas. Although, I claim Hawaii because I spent most of my life there (and it’s the coolest place).

A bit about my family. My dad is a retired Air Force Civil Engineer. My mom is a science/math teacher, and my sister is an outstanding high school senior. We also have two grandparents, three dogs, two turtles, and a fish living at our house. So, pretty full.

The first thing that you need to know about me is that I love the ocean. I also love science. So, MES is the BEST major. My favorite animal is a shark, and my best fun fact is that I have been scuba diving with sharks!

I joined the offshore sailing team here (which is awesome). The great thing about the team is you don’t need any experience to join. I am also part of OFC which is a great group of Christian cadets that I highly recommend getting to know.

My favorite downtime activities are reading, watching movies, sewing, and cooking. Also, roller coasters and high rope courses are the best.

Well that’s a bit about me. I hope you enjoy my blogs :)

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