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Welcome Coast Guard Academy Scholars!

Congratulations on accepting your appointment and welcome to the Coast Guard family!

These pages contain the information you need to prepare to report to the Coast Guard Academy on Reporting-In Day. Our goal is to help you and your parents make a smooth transition to college and military life.


Led by senior cadets, your three-week military orientation to the Coast Guard will take place at the Coast Guard Academy in the days before you actually depart for Prep School. You will go from the Academy straight to Prep School, with your classmates. Each Prep School will also have an orientation period.

Completing Enrollment Forms

Please follow the guidance in the "Scholar Handbook" to submit all forms by the deadline, to the appropriate Academy officials. You will submit some forms online, and others by mail. Each form includes return instructions. Watch the mail for a package containing pre-paid return envelopes.

Prep School Assignments

You will be assigned to study at one of three Prep Schools based on your needs and service needs. The curriculum you undertake is specifically designed to prepare you for your first year at the Coast Guard Academy. Placement within the curriculum is based on your past academic record and placement examinations administered at Prep School.

Contact Information

CGA Scholars
Mr. Chris McMunnAssociate Director of Operations (860) 701-6778 (o) [email protected]
LT Brandon StricklandScholars Program Section Chief (860) 701-6322 (o) (860) 857-5326 (c)[email protected]
YNC Ashley VerhagenScholars Program Liaison(860) 701-6511 (o)(860) 941-3362 (c)[email protected]