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Prep School

Coast Guard Academy Scholars Program

The Coast Guard Academy recognizes that not every prospective cadet emerges from high school prepared for the academic, military and athletic demands of the Academy. The Scholars Program is designed to develop the necessary foundation for success as an Academy cadet.

A One-Year Preparation

The CGAS program sends students with high potential for one year of preparatory school to develop academically, physically and militarily. The program begins with a rigorous three-week orientation on the Academy's campus, after which scholars are sent to Marion Military Institute in Alabama, the Naval Academy Prep School in Rhode Island or Georgia Military College.

Most participants who successfully complete this year of focused preparation receive, and are expected to accept, a full appointment to the Academy as a member of the next entering class.

CGA Scholars appointees are selected from within the general applicant pool. There is not a separate admissions process for this program.

The Prep School Pay-Off

  • CGA Scholars attending Marion Military Institute and Georgia Military College earn college credit and normally incur no out of pocket expenses.
  • Program expenses, including uniforms, tuition, room and board, are covered by the Coast Guard.
  • CGA Scholars learn to live away from home and manage their time. They are recognized as leaders in their class, from the first day of Swab Summer.
Facts and Figures
CGA Scholars
100% application SVGof applications to the Academy
are also reviewed for appointment to prep school.
50-70 scholars SVGScholars enroll in the program each year.
$22,000 cost SVGAverage value of tuition, room, board and fees covered by the Coast Guard
80% appointments SVGTypically earn appointments to the Academy.