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Senior Projects

Civil Engineering

The capstone design course, Civil Engineering Design, was developed to replicate the civil engineering experiences students will face when they enter the engineering workforce after graduation. The capstone project teaches students the skills and concepts needed to succeed as a project engineer and project manager. Each student is responsible for a particular aspect of the overall project and takes turns in the lead engineer role.

Classroom discussions cover the engineering design process, including project definition, needs requirements, budgeting and construction scheduling. Faculty members infuse case studies in both Coast Guard and civilian field applications throughout the curriculum, ensuring students understand the practical application of their studies.

Recent Capstone Projects

The capstone design experience ties together the various subfields of Civil Engineering, and provides majors vital real-world engineering project experience. Below are two examples of recent engineering projects developed by CE students:

Sanitary Sewer Repairs, Sector San Francisco – Yerba Buena Island, CA

The original sewer system on this island in San Francisco Bay is in desperate need of repair or replacement. A 1998 study recommended major repairs to prevent further environmental contamination, yet no major maintenance projects have been completed. Examining various methods of repair and renewal of sewer systems, the capstone team developed a renewal plan to increase system functionality and to facilitate future system cleanings, inspections and repairs as needed.

Pavement Evaluation – Clearwater, FL

USCG Air Station Clearwater, Florida, is the largest and busiest aviation unit in the Coast Guard, recording more flight hours than any other air station. Several areas of the airfield at Air Station Clearwater are in need of repair and reconfiguration, which is crucial to flight operations. This capstone team analyzed the air field, determined which areas needed to be repaired or replaced, and designed the pavement accordingly.