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Clara Beckert

Greenbelt, MD - Class of 2020 Major: Electrical Engineering
Clara Beckert


Hi everyone!

Well, my name is Clara Beckert and I grew up in Greenbelt, which is a town in Maryland just about 15 minutes outside of Washington D.C. I am pretty new to the whole military lifestyle, but am embracing it as much as I can; it helps that I got lucky enough to be placed in the best company (Echo). Well, I’m majoring in Electrical Engineering here and I am currently on the crew team. I was a swimmer my whole life but decided to try something new, and it’s great that you are able to just take part in new sports here.

I fell in love with the Academy after visiting during my senior year and was lucky enough to be able to defer my acceptance to spend a year in Uruguay. I honestly couldn’t tell you if I am more nervous or excited for the challenges that this next year is going to bring, but I can tell you that I do love an adventure. That’s one thing that the Academy certainly is, a huge, challenging, however intensely rewarding, adventure.

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