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Observation and Color-Magnitude Analysis of NGC 7789 Cadet First Class Abby Culp

In January of 2017, First Class Abby Culp presented her research in astrophysics at the regional Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWIP), sponsored by the American Physical Society. This conference brought hundreds of undergraduate women conducting research in physics and related STEM fields to Harvard University...Read More

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Science Department Faculty and Student Selected to Explore with Titanic Discoverer Dr. Robert Ballard’s Nautilus Research Program

Dr. Deanna Bergondo, Associate Professor of Marine Science and 1/c Nolan Salyer, Marine Environmental Science major, have been selected by the Ocean Exploration Trust (OET) to participate at sea during their 2014 Nautilus Exploration Program... Read More

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Exploring the Role of Physics in Maritime Governance: American Physics Society Outreach Grant Recipients Plan for Big Event at CGA

SAVE THE DATE! In October 2014, a multigenerational group representative of the New London community will gather at the CGA along with Coast Guard Command leaders to experience the relevance of physics in the Coast Guard's mission...Read More