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Bayley Olds

San Diego, California - Class of 2018 Major: Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
Bayley Olds

Also accepted to the Naval Academy, Bayley Olds chose the Coast Guard Academy because of the Coast Guard's mission and its small, family aspect. With a clear vision of what he sought in a career, Bayley was drawn to the Academy, and the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering major, and is thriving as a result.

On choosing the NA&ME major

"I picked Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, because I've been around the water all of my life, including two-time National Champion in Flatwater Sprint Kayaking in high school. I’ve always paid attention to how vessels move through the water."

On the NA&ME "family"

"My classmates and instructors in NA&ME are the best at the Coast Guard Academy. I truly believe that we have one of the most close-knit majors. There are always people to go to for help – or a good laugh."

On the value of the NA&ME major

"Learning about NA&ME is vital in almost every Coast Guard career track. The major is valuable whether you are the Engineering Officer on a cutter and doing what you learned every day, or a helicopter pilot and being able to identify when the vessel beneath you is about to capsize.

On what lies ahead

"As I look ahead to my career, I hope to go to Flight School and become a Coast Guard aviator. Who knows, I may design a seaplane one day and bring everything together!"