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The Escape of Writing

(Choosing the Academy, Just for Fun, Class of 2020) Permanent link   All Posts
Courtney Gilliam

The reason I will want to be a blogger is because I believe I can really make a difference and help prospective students interested in the Academy. I used to read the cadet blogs constantly, trying to see what life was like at the Coast Guard Academy and they provided a lot of helpful information and comfort. Through email, I was even able to talk to some upperclassmen. I would like to be that help for people and an Academy connection. In addition, I have always had a love for creative writing and blogging, and to be a part of the Blog Club, would allow that piece of me to still grow, and be alive through the chaos of 4/c year. I feel that I need the escape of writing as it is important to me and I miss blogging, all of which makes this club a perfect fit.

3/c Courtney Gilliam
USCGA Class of 2020