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Spring in USA’s Cherry Capital

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Mack Bucki

Anyone who knows me is well-aware that I am a *die-hard* Michigander. I was born and raised in the great mitten state and love every piece of it. From its patchworked cornfields to the crystal-clear waters of Lake Superior, Michigan is a place I miss dearly. So, when the “countdown to leave” finally reached zero, I knew exactly where I was headed for spring break. And I assure you, no second was put to waste.

Just hours after my physics midterm, I arrived back home from the DTW airport. Although it was the middle of the day, there was no “sunshine” signifying the beginning of spring break. Here in the north, spring break might as well just be another synonym for late winter. In fact, when I got home it was 20°F and the roads looked like they had been covered with a cigarette-ash flavored Slurpee from 7-11. To put it simply, the weather was far from ideal.

But it was home! I had a great week of break- my favorite part was simply spending a couple days not studying physics. However, there were quite a few other big highlights. My third day back, I explored Grand Traverse County- home to the TC Coast Guard Air Station and America’s Cherry Capital of the World! After enjoying (a bit too much) pie and fudge, it was time to go back to the southeast Mitten.

Shortly after returning from Up North, my dad surprised me with NHL tickets- the Red Wings against the Wild at Little Caesars Arena. In their previous matching, the Wings had gotten absolutely toasted; however, they held their own and pushed the Wild into OT. Unfortunately for Hockeytown’s Pride and Glory, Minnesota was able to capture the victory. The game was nothing short of entertaining though- the fights were top notch, and it was Star Wars Night!

My last day was spent as a “normal” college student. I went to my twin sister’s school, Oakland University, for the day and was surprised at how relaxed student life was there. It seemed like I had all the time and freedom in the world compared to the constant deadlines and commitments here at the academy. Yet, it made me appreciate the discipline that USCGA has taught me. This place is like no other- you better be willing to work if you want to get in. Despite my fun weekend at Oakland University, I was glad to leave and get back to that Coast Guard grind. The end of the school year is in sight!

See ya in April for my Easter Special!