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The Joy of Writing

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Mack Bucki

In high school, my favorite class was English. It was the one place where I didn’t have to try to wrap my head around derivatives or struggle through stoichiometry. Language Arts was a place I could be free and finally use the creativity that had been suffocated from my heap of STEM-based courses. Each day, I looked forward to stepping into that room and starting our next project. Once I began typing, my fingers refused to stop.

My 9th/10th grade English teacher, Mrs. Stubbs, inspired me all throughout high school. I despised her as a freshman. Essays that were pristine in my eyes would be handed back with a smattering of red ink and corrections. It was frustrating seeing my work torn apart and made me consider giving up one of my biggest passions. However, I now realize that Mrs. Stubbs was critical for a reason- she cared. My teacher, who had a freshman of her own, would sacrifice countless hours to editing the 130 drafts she received each week. Looking back, I can’t believe she had time to sleep- maybe she stuck herself with an IV of caramel cappuccino instead.

This joy for writing culminated on Christmas Day, 2017. It was when I met my pride and joy. After a night of insomnia, I dashed out to join my sisters at the base of our over-decorated tree to open presents. The first gift that caught my eye looked innocent enough. It was innocently wrapped in plain blue paper and was the shape of a microwave. I carefully peeled back the paper to reveal more boring, drab gray. And my holiday dream came true- a brand-new typewriter emerged from the dark-blue paper.

I learned how to use it from my grandma, who took shorthand when she was my age. After lots of practice and dozens of unnecessary ink marks, I (sorta) got the hang of it. Drawing upon this newfound skill, I cleared out our basement storage closet and converted it into my writing domain. A cold, concrete-floored oblong room completed with a plywood table and fold-out chair. It was perfect. I spent many days and nights in my author’s domain, perfecting many works that would never see the light of day.

Here at the Academy, I still write on the side- albeit much less than I did at home. Between school and triathlon and other commitments, I make it a point to find time to write. Whether it be for a short time after class or straight before bed. The versatility of writing is what makes it unique- use it to report on a research topic, encourage someone to “take your side”, or to entertain. And that’s why I love writing so much, and I hope you do too (or at least try to)!

P.S. - I dare you to challenge me at a speed typing competition. The chances are you won’t win!

Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]! I’ll catch ya next month – hopefully after ol’ Punxsutawney sees his shadow!