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Northern Comfort

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Mack Bucki

Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated holidays in the Midwest. As the holiday break begins, elementary schoolers bring home their hand-traced turkeys as mothers decorate their cornucopias. The weather is mild for a northern winter but signals the beginning of snow coat season. For sports fans, it serves as the prelude to the biggest rivalry game in college football: Michigan vs Ohio State. This day is a time for gathering, whether it be around a dinner table or a 65’’ flatscreen.

My fondest autumn memories come from the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade in Detroit. As a child, I was amazed at the enormous balloons that were marched through the same roads mom took on her daily commute. To see over the huge crowds, dad sacrificed his shoulders for me and my twin sister. Then, when it was all over, we would hurry back to the warmth of our car and make the thirty-minute drive back home.

Leading up to the big night, mom prepared for the monsoon of aunts, uncles, and cousins coming for the annual feast. We bought enough pounds of turkey, cans of cranberry sauce, and sacks to potatoes to feed a pack of lions. My nana always took Thanksgiving as an opportunity to show off her baking skills. She would bake enough for everyone to have a whole pie to themselves! The delicious food was only a highlight of the true meaning behind the event- to spend time with everyone, even if it was just for one day of the year.

The big finale was watching the football game that Saturday. Annually, our Michigan Wolverines took on their biggest foes- the Ohio State Buckeyes. We suited up in maize and blue, invited our fellow super-fans over for a cookout, and sent up a prayer in our favor. Unfortunately, these wishes were usually left unanswered, and our college team’s performance would end up sending waves of disappointment throughout the mitten. Yet, if Thanksgiving taught me one thing, it’s that food and faith is all you need to bring people together. And cursing out the refs on tv is something that can only be enjoyed together as a family.

Happy Thanksgiving! And Go Blue!