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Fall Biking Adventures

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Mack Bucki

Back home, I would ride my bike almost everywhere. My evenings were spent peddling down dusty backgrounds on my beloved green Giant. A bike that was infinitely times more reliable than my 2008 Ford Fusion beater. Although there were not many places to go, some of my favorite memories come from those relaxing bike rides. Here at the Academy, I have carried over my favorite hobby to manage the stress that comes with being a 4/c cadet. Here are some of my favorite spots around the Academy for a relaxing fall biking adventure!

#1 – Fire Street

Dubbed “Fire Rd.” by the triathlon team, this bike route feels like a roller coaster! It is a hilly eight-mile trek to get there, but that all pays off once you reach the cascading downhills of the street itself. By your return the Academy, your sore quads will remind you of this fire-y workout!

#2 – Holmberg Orchards

Directly across the Thames is a small town called Gales Ferry. There, I found Holmberg Orchards- a small farmers’ market and u-pick center with a variety of fresh produce. They sell Macintosh apples the size of softballs, the juiciest peaches, and fluffy apple cider donuts (but only on weekends!). This family-owned agribusiness is worth a visit, whether it be by two wheels, or four.

#3 – Misquamicut Beach

The beautiful scenery on the way to Misquamicut Beach makes the long ride from USCGA worth it. My sponsor family were the first ones to introduce me to the Rhode Island coastline and I just knew I had to go back! Although it is a little touristy, the roads are not crowded at all. The shaved ice cart at the beach has dozens of different flavors to choose from; Maui Wowie (papaya and dragon fruit) is my top pick! And, if you get a long, you can enjoy a movie at their beach-side drive-in theater. Dig out your helmet and cross the state border the bipedal way. Your quads may be sore, but the journey will be worth it!

So, get out there and explore the great outdoors! As the leaves turn crisp and the wind turns chilly, a New England winter is right around the corner. Head down the bike room and dust off your cruiser for an autumn ride. Happy Fall!