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Back and Busy!

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Sarah Kaleta

When I returned to school this semester, I hit the ground running as I am sure many cadets did. Though I was not too thrilled to start taking real Nav Arch courses, I was excited to see my friends all back in Chase again and even more excited to do more in-person events and meet new people. Already I have been able to go to off base events like sustainability club’s beach clean-up at Ocean Beach, travel with friends to NYC and nearby islands, row to Norwich with the crew team, and participate in some traditional military ceremonies. At the beach clean-up in Westerly Town beach over the weekend of September 18th with the sustainability club, I met some people who were part of the Ocean Recovery Community Alliance (ORCA). We helped ORCA with their beach clean-up competition by checking off items that kids picked up along the beach following a youth surf competition (Fig. 1-2). After the event, ORCA members gave our club president their contact information and encouraged us to reach out to them for summer internships! During liberty time, my friends and I have been able to venture to New York and even take a flight from the Groton Airport to Block Island (Fig. 3). It is nice to be able to get away for a bit on the weekends. On September 11th, after the morning ceremony, the crew team participated in the annual row to Norwich. My boat completed the row in about four and a half hours; we had a blast and got some sun (Fig. 4)! After the row, I participated in the Run to Remember which involved cadets running in groups of 8 every 20min from 0800 to evening colors with the national Ensign and Coast Guard Ensign in remembrance of those fallen in the 9/11 attacks (Fig. 5). Later that day I was part of the cordon which occurred during evening colors. With the restrictions of last year, ceremonies like this one did not happen, so I was glad to be part of the tradition this year. There are plenty more events to come and many more activities I am looking forward to!