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Second Class Summer

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Jenna Bradberry

Hello all!

This summer was by far one of my favorites that I have had! As a 2/c, I had three weeks of leave right after the spring semester ended. I went home to Indiana to visit family and friends and just relax after a long semester. When I came back, I was thrown right into the summer session comprised of 11 more weeks, doing something different each week! This is what made the summer so fun and unique. These weeks consisted of the Mid-Cadet Transition Course, Rules of the Road and Test, Cyber, Prep (for swab summer), T-Boats, CATP (Aviation Program), Range, Coastal Sail, and 3 weeks of CADRE SUMMER. Cadre summer was some of the most rewarding, tiring, and fun weeks I have ever had in my life. It truly is such an amazing experience to be able to take full responsibility for the training of swabs and watch them grow under your care as you train them. As a phase 2 cadre, I had the opportunity to lead the swabs to the finish line and end of swab summer, which was amazing to say the least. Next to cadre, I had a lot of fun during range week as I had the chance to qualify on the pistol. I also loved, loved, LOVED, the aviation program. For one week I got to spend time at Air Station Cape Cod and experience everything about flight. I got to fly (literally fly) a CASA and hang out the back as they did a drop flight as well. This was such a cool experience! I wanted to fly before, but this really made me want to fly even more that’s for sure! If you would like to know more or any specifics about my summer or cadet life in general, feel free to contact me! The summers are by far the best here at USCGA!