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My Other Home

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Joshua Orbe

Going home for winter break, half a world away, I was able to momentarily forget all about my responsibilities as a cadet.

After recharging my batteries and bonding with my family, I came back to the U.S. with excitement for the future. I was looking forward to the snow, having new classes and a new roommate.

I took a different route back to the U.S. this time. I had a stopover in Incheon. I tried to maximize the five-hour period I was given in this new and beautiful country, taking in as much of Korea as I could from inside the terminal. I was walking non-stop, checking out all the shops and looking at all the people. I was amazed by how high-tech the facilities were. The people were also some of the friendliest I’ve met. I’ve always been amazed by Korean music, food, history, and culture and I hope to return one day when everything is a bit more stable. Five hours isn’t enough!

I came back a little later than my classmates because of some delays but my roommate was kind enough to set up my side of the room for me. He was my first ever roommate at the Academy and one of my best friends here. Funny enough, the room we moved into was the room where we first met. We even sleep on the same sides of the room we did as swabs!

As of writing this (early February), classes have been going fine. After taking these last few math and science classes, I am set to take a lot of political and writing classes. COVID restrictions are what they are. Athletics and working out hasn’t slowed down significantly. The Academy is doing its best with the current situation. When housing the people that had to be quarantined became an issue, the Academy leadership quickly came up with and implemented a solution. None of us could have prepared for as big a challenge as COVID. Vaccinations are slowly being distributed and I hope and pray that the end is in sight.

In other news, last week, we had 10 inches of snow. It’s been forever since the last time I saw that much snow. Myself and another one of my friends commandeered an upperclassman’s surfboard and rode down the hill. We were headed straight for a tree but we ejected (stylishly) at the last second. Good instincts if you ask me. But I don’t want to be a pilot. I’m more of a cutter guy myself. Until next time!