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Oh How Time Flies!

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Stephanie Burckhard

It seemed like it was just yesterday when I was telling my mother on Day One that no, I cannot make it through the Academy. That was exactly 1,300 days ago. I am so incredibly blessed to have gone through these past 3.5 years- couldn’t have done it without all the great people I met along the way.

The other day the Class of 2021 submitted their billets! It’s an exciting and nerve-wrecking time hitting the submit button. I turned to my roommate and we were smiling ear-to-ear. It’s one step closer to Billet NIght and another step closer to graduation.

Since COVID-19, many of us can say this is not the 1/c (“senior”) year we expected. No ring dance, no winter formal, no sports, etc. Thankfully, our class has worked as a team to come up with creative and fun socially-distanced events. To replace the lack of a ring dance, our class council held a ring dipping ceremony in Crowne Park. We all were able to dip our shiny new class rings in the water from the seven seas. It was a great event to replace a much-anticipated ring dance.

Unfortunately, for our last semester here at CGA, COVID-19 cases have increased along with restrictions. We have our fingers crossed that Billet Night will be somewhat normal and that we can walk across the stage in a few short months. The Class of 2021 has gone through a lot these past 1,300 days but we remain together during this pandemic. I am forever grateful for each friend I’ve made along the way and cannot wait to see where the Coast Guard takes us.