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It’s Been a Wild Journey

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Elizabeth Carter

Hello readers, and Happy New Year! I wish everyone a healthy and happy 2021. It sure has been a wild journey looking back to my first day of Academy life in 2018, and I never would have thought it would be like this. COVID-19 has certainly impacted every single aspect of life in the barracks, and it has been encouraging to see how people get creative and come together in new ways. Microsoft Teams has become everyone’s new best friend as virtual classes start up.

With my third spring semester underway, I can’t help but get excited for 1/c year. I almost can’t believe how fast the time has flown by, and although it may feel like the days never end, looking back has proven a blur. Watching my friends go for command positions within the Corps is inspiring and indicative of this growing passion to lead and develop as leaders.

With that in mind, I have my sights on this summer and the upcoming training period. This is always an exciting time of the year, as it feels like the spring is a gateway to the summer. As far as activities go this semester, all things impacted by COVID-19, I will continue to sing for Glee and run with the Track and Field teams. COVID-19 certainly puts a twist on everything this semester, but I am confident that with increased testing and medical capacities, things will progress and operate as smoothly as possible.

One thing I have focused on this past semester, in particular, is creative writing. I found a sort of comfort in writing poetry while quarantining at home this past year and wanted to find a way to incorporate that passion into my Academy life. I am a member of the Creative Writing Club, and my academic advisor introduced me to the Academy literary magazine id est. As Chief Editor of the 2020-21 edition, I have been working diligently to cultivate creative writing from the Corps and create a safe haven for art to be expressed at the Academy. This will certainly be a main focus of mine this semester, along with my continued efforts with running and singing at the Academy.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions about Academy life. I am excited for the Class of 2025 to start their Academy journeys and am more than willing to help. My email is [email protected].