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Jacqueline Jones

While COVID-19 has taken away the second half of what is supposed to be the best semester of my academic career, it won’t stop me from being thankful for the time I got to spend at the Academy and for the friends I made. Freshman year I remember trying to figure out what was going on and trying to keep track of my time and obligations. Sophomore year I was happy not to be a freshman anymore, but struggled academically. Junior year was my favorite academically, as I began getting into more major- specific classes, and I began having more fun outside of the Academy. Senior year, I got my car and really began to explore my greater freedom. Unfortunately, I will not get to experience the coveted “gangway,” where seniors earn the right to leave whenever they do not have class or a military obligation.

I am glad to say this is my last semester at the Academy. I am disappointed that I couldn’t celebrate these last few weeks with my friends. I am saddened that I won’t have the graduation ceremony that I’ve thought about for five years. I am grateful to be spending these last few weeks with my family before reporting to my first assignment. I am excited and nervous to report to my unit out of Guam!

While this blog is all over the place, like my feelings at the moment (I write this from the air mattress I sleep on now that I’m back home as I procrastinate doing work for my online classes), I do have some advice to give for college-bound students. Before spring break, I didn’t know that I would not return to the Academy to see my best friends and enjoy the rest of senior year. Luckily, I went on spring break with a lot of people from school. My point is to have fun while you can, make memories, and make the most of all your time.