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Moving States and Online School

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Monty Rickey

Hey guys!

It has been a very hectic two weeks. My parents sold our house in Missouri and decided to move to Tennessee. At first, my spring break week didn’t conflict with the moving process, however since recent events with COVID-19, the CGA has now transitioned to online learning for the rest of the semester. As a result, I have been away from CGA for a little over two weeks. My brother and I helping my parents pack up everything and move from where I grew up to an unknown and new state was difficult, but fun. I am glad that I got to properly say goodbye to my hometown and childhood home, while also spending meaningful time with my family there. We moved into an apartment in Tennessee a few days ago, just before online school started this past Monday. The hardest thing about online school is staying focused and motivated, especially when you have the ability to schedule your own time and make your own day-to-day routine. I usually try to stick as close as possible to my CGA schedule and how I planned my days at the Academy.

There has been a lot of communication between cadets, teachers, and faculty in terms of due dates and assignments since we left on spring break. CGA is doing a great job with communicating information as it becomes available to them and ensuring the entire community and CGA family stays connected with each other. Almost all the resources to increase morale and well-being that are available on campus are still available virtually and remotely; this flexibility is awesome.

There are many things about the Academy that I miss. The biggest thing that I miss are all my friends. I miss playing water polo, although I wasn’t the best, the team brought lots of positive energy into my day. Sometimes people question their decision to attend the Academy, like I have written about before, but the lifelong friends and relationships you make at the Academy, as well as the memorable experiences, make all the hard times worth it. The people truly do make the Academy the place that it is, and a place that I want to be in day after day.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at [email protected]. Stay safe and healthy!