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Why Civil Engineering?

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Stephanie Burckhard

I originally entered the Academy determined to be a Mechanical Engineer. During my first semester at CGA is when I made my switch to Civil Engineering (CE). I had yet to take “Statics”- the class that most people use to consider what engineering major they want. My decision was based on two main factors; the “Majors Presentations” that all 4/c are required to attend and upperclass cadets. During those presentations, I found the Civil Engineering experiment to be suited to more of my interests. In Windjammers, one of the lead 1/c in drumline was also a Civil Engineer. I spoke with him often about why he picked the major and if he would recommend it. He highly recommended it and the one point he made that still holds true is the support you’ll get from the faculty. The CE Department is fantastic- they are very engaged in the curriculum and are always happy to help. They keep an upbeat attitude about CE and are excellent resources not only for homework help but for Coast Guard related questions as well.

I spent hours in the Civil Lounge this past semester working on homework and it was so nice to have the faculty next door ready to answer any questions. Not only is the faculty great, but also the cadets in the major. There are 20 CE cadets in the Class of 2021. It’s a great group and we work great as a team. Another point about CE is the CAPSTONE opportunities for 1/c. Most of these CAPSTONE projects involve direct work with the Coast Guard which some majors don’t have the same connection. I love how applicable CE is to the fleet and it feels as though CE cadets are making a real impact with these CAPSTONEs.

In the end, I highly recommend Civil Engineering. If you have any questions or concerns, send me an email at [email protected]