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Being an Operations Research Major

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Francesca Farlow

Joining the Operations Research and Computer Analysis major here at the Academy was one of the best decisions I made. The faculty are extremely knowledgeable and always accessible. While they care about your development as a student, they also spend time getting to know you and expressing interest in your development as a person and an officer. This major has given me many opportunities to have unique experiences throughout my academic career.

During my 3/c spring semester I took Probability Theory (usually a fall semester 2/c class) as a directed study with one other 3/c cadet, in addition to my scheduled classes. This provided me with my first experience of teaching myself a new subject, as I had never taken statistics in high school. It was challenging, but I learned how to teach myself and how to manage a syllabus I created myself to ensure I finished all the material in time for the final exam.

Taking this class earlier than usual allowed me to take a Hispanic Identities class at Connecticut College the following semester as a 2/c. This provided me with a unique opportunity to attend class at a civilian school and get a new perspective on the college environment. As a 1/c I have had the opportunity to take two additional directed studies that have enabled me to be a teaching assistant in two 300 level Operations Research classes. I am also working on my Capstone project right now. We are working with the Coast Guard research and Development Center to model alternate cutter fleets for the future Coast Guard. After three years I am happy to have chosen Operations Research as my major and I look forward to studying these topics again in graduate school in the future.