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USAFA Exchange Program Part 2

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Stephanie Burckhard

Greetings from foggy Colorado Springs!

It’s almost the end of November- can you believe it? I feel like my time here at USAFA has flown by. Recently, a few Coasties (myself included) decided to take on AM490. This is what everyone knows as the “Jump” program here. This program is not focused on the cadets “earning wings.” The focus is on instilling confidence and grit in every cadet that decides to stand in the door of that Twin Otter. Those five jumps might have been some of the scariest moments of my life, but I have grown so much from the program. It’s an experience that I will never forget and forever cherish. My time here at USAFA is coming to an end- only 2 weeks left of school. I highly recommend applying for the Service Academy Exchange Program. I have learned so much from this semester that I intend to bring back to CGA. One example of this is the mural paintings on the walls of the dorms. I worked with my best friend on Regimental Staff back at CGA and she routed up a memo to have this implemented at CGA.

Greetings from near-frozen New London!

Spring Semester has already started up at USCGA and it’s weird to be back. I feel as though my time at USAFA has flown by. I decided it might be a good time to finish up writing about my SAEP before the schoolwork hits.

It was a whirlwind of jumping out of airplanes and taking a plethora of exams at the end of the fall semester. It’s an experience I will never forget and forever cherish. The memories and friends I made will last forever. And they somehow convinced me to consider aviation in the Coast Guard at the end of my Powered Flight course as well.

One of my fun adventures included climbing Mount Quandary, elevation of 14,265 feet, with some of my new friends. The views were amazing from the top. A 6-hour round trip hike but we made it back in time for dinner. These were some of the moments I cherished the most.

The end of the semester also meant that classes were beginning to wrap up and the brittle cold of the Springs was settling down upon the Academy. My friends and I bundled up and braced the cold for the “last” coffee run or the “last” dinner. It was difficult saying goodbye but I’m glad I got the chance to meet so many amazing people.

In the end, I highly recommend applying for the exchange program. It was rewarding, challenging, and thrilling. It definitely changed my perspective and has helped me grow and better develop my leadership style.