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My Glee Trip

(Extracurricular and Faith-Based Involvement, Just for Fun, Class of 2023) Permanent link   All Posts
Joshua Orbe

My favorite of all the clubs and activities I’m involved in at the Academy (29 last time I checked) is being a part of the Coast Guard Academy Glee Club.

Our group sings patriotic songs and sea shanties. We further separate into the Fairwinds and Idlers, the all-female and all-male groups. I have had so much fun being a part of glee. Besides really enjoying singing, I get to see and experience so many things. I get to travel and taste new foods. I get to interact with potential applicants and perform for Coast Guard and government officials all the time.

The best part of being in glee though, is the people. Our director, Robert Newton, has been with the group for 50 years. He is like a cool uncle/grandpa to me. When my mom came to visit me from the Philippines, he helped coordinate the surprise. It is people like him that make the Academy community great.

Over the weekend, I saw my first Bar Mitzvah, stood on a frozen lake, sang at a high school, went to Medieval Times for the first time, and had a really touching performance at a church.

There were more than a few veterans in the audience. When we left the church, one man stood outside and saluted us all. It felt surreal. I sometimes forget that I am a servant of my country. I hope that I can be worthy of my future responsibilities and of the respect of the people. I hope to honor the legacy of those who served before me and those who will after me.