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The Dark Ages

(Extracurricular and Faith-Based Involvement, Class of 2022) Permanent link   All Posts
Elizabeth Carter

Greetings from the dark ages! As the skies turn their lovely perpetual grey, New England has progressively gotten colder since the last time I wrote for the blog. We call these winter months the dark ages, and my family likes to joke that February of all months is the darker ages. These days, the Academy is known for being a downer, yet I am here to shed some light on these dreary winter months.

This year I decided to switch things up a bit. This time last year I was singing and dancing in preparation for the Spring Musical, 9 to 5. I made a big decision this time around and decided to pursue Indoor Track and Field instead! After some reflection, and an amazing Cross Country season, I realized I wanted to continue my training. I could not be happier with my decision. I have bonded with the team more so now than ever. Track meets take up most weekends, and lengthy practices provide a great outlet for stress relief after a long day of school. Now more than ever, with the cold weather and longer nights, my friends and teammates have made a difference with just being able to stay afloat at the Academy.

Some of my newer activities include some clubs I have been recently taking more part in. This past semester I became CASA qualified, meaning I am a member of the Cadets Against Sexual Harassment club, and I am qualified to take reports and speak confidentially with my shipmates for whatever the situation may be. In addition, I am writing for the Creative Writing Club, constantly taking my inspiration to paper to share with my shipmates. As a sophomore, I have taken a different approach to the Academy, having one year under my belt. I wanted to branch out as well as I could, while still having time for homework and school.

I like to think that the Academy offers many great opportunities to become a part of the community. I am still a member of the Glee Club and the Fairwinds, and we travel quite often to bring the music of the Academy to the local community. Going beyond the local community, this Spring Break we are traveling to Florida! I am super excited to represent not only the Academy but also the entire Coast Guard with my voice as we travel the great sunshine state. For all my Florida readers, keep an ear out for tales sung of the ocean and its lore!

As always, I am most easily reached at my email: [email protected].