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You’ll Get The Hang Of It

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Banks Evans

So, it is semester two, and time has flown by so fast! Before I know it, I will be on Eagle and having (hopefully) one of the best summers ever. You hear how tough it is to manage your time here, but you will get the hang of it and be able to enjoy this place. I’ve learned to balance out my work and hanging out with friends nicely.

The spring tennis season is about to start! With that, I’m going to have to adjust my schedule, but I’m excited to compete and represent the Coast Guard in public. The team is heading to Orlando for Spring Break to play some matches. It will definitely be a blast.

It is insane how fast time goes by here. There is always something to do, but that’s what I like about the Academy. Although there is a lot of stress with the loads of work I have, I know I have my friends to help me out. I’ll be there for them too when they need it. It took me a while to understand that everyone really is here to help you succeed and grow as a follower and leader.