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Coming Back Ready

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Andrew Kerst

Hey guys! The whole corps just returned from a much-needed winter leave and is back and ready for the next semester. Now that I have a full semester at the Academy under my belt, I would like to reflect on my experience. Although the course load and military obligations as a 4/c were quite demanding, the bonds and relationships you have with your classmates make it worth it. It is tough to say that it is easy to interrupt your math homework to go clean the head but hearing about the amazing experiences of other cadets on Eagle and out in the fleet remind you why you are here.

As the first semester wrapped up with an intense week of finals, the corps departed on leave. For some, this meant long flights to faraway places like Alaska and Guam, and to others (like me) the trip was a simple car ride. Either way, spending time with family after being away for so long and getting away from the Academy is refreshing. Additionally, many people go on fun trips during this time. My family and I went to Puerto Rico and it was unlike anything I had ever experienced. My brother and I surfed in clear warm water rather than the ice-cold waters of New England. It was a wonderful experience with my family and re-energized me for the next semester.

Although it is hard leaving your family and coming back to school, it is nice to see your friends again and get back into the swing of things. There are a lot of exciting things coming up including carry-on for 4/c, the 4/c formal, and spring sports. The corps is back and ready to succeed in another semester at the Academy.