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Finals Week

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Ryan Taylor

Ask most cadets at the Academy and they will tell you that finals week is the best week of the semester. While it might not be expected, it’s the case nonetheless. Three things that make finals week better than the average school week are buffet meals, liberty, and looking forward to leave or summer assignments.

During finals week, the daily schedule changes a bit. Morning formation is later than normal, and afternoon formation is nonexistent. This means sleeping a bit which is always welcome. Additionally, all of the meals during the day are served buffet-style, so cadets have more choice in whether or not to go to the wardroom to eat, as well as what they eat. These meals are a great time to sit with friends and talk, but it is all too easy to spend an hour or more just sitting and talking!

The only commitments over finals week are final exams themselves. There are two testing periods each day, from 0750 to 1110 and from 1215 to 1540. Most cadets have anywhere from 2 to 4 finals, but it is not uncommon to hear of someone with none at all. Each day during the week, cadets have liberty after their finals until 1800. This is a great time to go out to dinner, do some shopping, or go see a movie if you can fit it in around studying. Additionally, overnight liberty is granted to cadets who do not have a final the next day, allowing for additional relaxation and rejuvenation for upcoming finals.

Probably the best part of the week is looking forward to what is to come. During finals week in December, this means winter leave. After the fall semester, everyone is looking forward to heading home and spending the holidays with family and friends. Come finals week in spring, though, the corps will be buzzing about the upcoming summer. Fleet experience for rising third and first class, cadre summer for second class, and commencement for soon-to-be ensigns.

While the week can certainly be a bit stressful given exams, the varied schedule and light at the end of the tunnel help cadets stay focused and finish the semester strong. The feeling of walking out of your final exam of the semester can’t be beat!

Thank you everyone for reading; have a great January!